Sell Gold/Silver


If you’re looking to sell gold and silver, either coins or bars, then we’re as happy to buy as we are to sell. In fact, we guarantee to buy back any gold or silver that we sold to you. In addition, we can also offer to buy coins that you have purchased elsewhere, subject to prevailing stock levels. The process to sell your gold and silver is as straightforward as buying it.

You can find an indicative price below for all the precious metal that we buy. Published on a regular basis, you can contact us to confirm the price when you are ready to sell. If you’re happy with the offer, the paperwork can be downloaded from our website.

Want to sell gold or silver at highest possible price?

If we store your gold or silver then you simply complete the selling forms and send them on to us to initiate your sale. Goods held outside of our storage vaults must be returned to our secure address via an insured courier along with the relevant paperwork.

  • Find an indicative Price below for your metals.

  • Call us to confirm the price when you’re ready to sell.

  • Download, complete and email the appropriate Selling Form, if we’re storing your metals.

  • Send the Goods to our special numismatic address – provided on the confirmation email.

  • We verify your metals and pay you directly into your account.