Voltage and current measurement using pic microcontroller

The name is derived from the SI unit of electric current, ampere. Figure 1. The drawback of the paper is that the mechanism used for weight measurement needs special circuitry having microcontroller,Op-Amp,ADC which can be done using PIC in cost effective way. al. Always connect the acs712 in series to a system whose current is going to be measured. 2 of LM35 temperature sensor. To know more about them, click on the links below. This output signal is is given to to AD0and AD1 pin of 18F4550 PIC microcontroller that converts analog signal into digital signal using inbuilt (ADC) converter and display RMS value of voltage and current on 16x2 LCD panel. For single phase, AC voltage measurement using PIC microcontroller and op-amp, Ac voltage measurement using ADC and operational amplifier and microcontroller. But I am facing some difficulties. In paper [4] Weiguo Que et. 08Amps, 220/240V, 50Hz, properly working. 121494007] UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Mr.

44 V. To replace the function generator using PIC and control the full-bridge. Microcontroller Input voltage Measurement through ADC Module occurs so that you could complete the current task and prepare for a shutdown. We have very precise ammeter current measurement with a 10bit ADC and with a tolerance of ±10mA. So, to measure power consumption using PIC microcontroller, it is essential to measure voltage using PIC microcontroller, measure current using PIC microcontroller, and measure power factor using PIC microcontroller. microcontroller). o Before all the six stages were implementing into the PIC microcontroller, function generator will be use to make sure we will get output current and voltage and output waveform that we need. In this circuit, a photocell or photo multiplier tube that provides output current proportional to the light flux but independent of the load impedance, is connected to the inverting input terminal of the op-amp. EXPLANATION OF CIRCUIT DIAGRAM • 230 v ac supply is step down using CT and PT • Whole circuit operates on 5 v or 12v supply, this supply provided by using bridge rectifier • The output of CT and PT given to current and voltage measurement circuit • PIC microcontroller compares the output of both circuits with reference value For the 2N7000 n-channel MOSFET we're using (which is included with the USB NerdKit), these curves from the datasheet tell the story (click to enlarge): Applying a voltage at the gate selects one of these curves. A device that produces a voltage proportional to the input signal current is called a current to voltage converter. Test Hall effect sensor readings The Graph of Current Vs O/P Voltage is shown in figure 3. Troubleshooting various faults of phase current, phase voltage, vibration and winding temperatures of an I.

At the start of the program, PIC needed to be initialized the I/O pins assigned and clock frequency. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. In this tutorial you will learn about how to measure three phase voltage using pic microcontroller. Current & Voltage Sensors and other robot products. By knowing this simple law, you understand the concept that is the basis for the analysis of any electrical circuit! Current carrying conductor is passed through the core, sensor shows the deflection. PIC controls the electric drive current for the control voltage to become a regulation value. I connected the acs712 current pins in series to the load. Read More See more frequency measurement plays a major role in the power line transmission system. The PIC microcontroller is the brain of the circuit controlling all actions to be done and the output. This article explains you how to design a digital voltmeter in two methods 1) using 8051 microcontroller and 2)the other using IC L7017. 3 V. The other ends are connected to the pins of a PIC.

Figure1: 3 Phase Voltage waveform with vector diagram There are two diagrams present in the figure above. enjoy. Using temperature sensors, choosing a temperature sensor, temperature sensor properties. 2KΩ Resistor. Prototype hardware is developed using PIC 16F877A microcontroller frequency. AC voltage measurement using pic microcontroller Three phase voltage measurement using pic microcontroller project: Hi everyone I hope you are fine and doing well. 06/0. 010 A) 1 mV. Microcontrollers are made by Microchip Technology. Congratulations! The majority of equations and laws for analyzing circuits can be derived directly from Ohm's Law. To measure electric current in a circuit, ammeter must be connected in series because, in series connection, ammeter experiences the same amount of current that flows in the circuit. weight of the person and hence by using height and weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated to decide the fitness of person.

===== Now some homework as a preparation for the next interview: You have a USB powered 5V gadet, that has a microcontroller and an LM35 temperature sensor. This project describe each and everything about temperature measurement using PIC microcontroller and temperature sensor. To deliver such performance, the power inverters is driven by high-performance PIC 16F877A microcontroller units (MCUs) that can achieve high-level inverter control, and therefor this microcontroller is the heart of the system and controls entire system. Then the voltage drop across the coil resistance will be somewhere from 0 – 1. - The load current (energizing current) will be measured by using current sensor and converted from analog voltage to digital using PIC16F877A. The PIC microcontroller used in this project is PIC16F688 that has 12 I/O pins out of which 8 can serve as analog input channels for the in-built 10-bit ADC. Tech. Don The History About The Pic Microcontroller Information Technology Essay. Microcontroller-Based Temperature Monitoring and Control is an essential and practical guide for all engineers involved in the use of microcontrollers in measurement and control systems. It was derived from PIC1650 and developed by General Instrument's Microelectronics Division. Table. After reading this, you will be able to design AC Ammeter using PIC16F877A microcontroller.

For measuring the voltage, a voltage divider circuit is implemented using a 10KΩ and a 2. 1 Simulation circuit in Multisim 19 Figure 4. 6. 5 of microcontroller is connected to current sensing circuit . Fig. 100 Ohm current sense resistor. A unique state-of-the art sample shifting technique (SST), proposed in recent literature, is utilized particularly for the estimation of reactive power from sample values of voltage and current signals only while the active power is evaluated from their as usual product. This is a digital method of measuring phase angle and displaying lagging and leading state between the waves on a liquid crystal display. Microcontroller base automatic controlling of power factor with load monitoring is shown in fig. In this project, we are going to make an AC Voltage Measuring Device using Arduino, which will measure the voltage of Alternating Current Supply at our home. The LCD used in the project is part of the Silicon Labs CP2400DK development kit. These acquired In this tutorial i am going to measure DC current using Acs712 Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor and arduino uno.

There are many methods available on internet for measurement of AC current, but there is no method which used difference amplifier and a essay: dc voltage measurement using the pic microcontroller and pwm Abstract In this thesis, the microprocessor with dc voltmeter checking the voltage applied to the two separate entrance with based on the principle of. Frequency and Pulse Width Measurement It's a constant current output. If the current is in positive direction, o/p vlg varies in between 2. Arockia Edwin Xavier Thiagarajar College of Engineering ,Electrical and Electronic Engineering Madurai,Tamil Nadu Email: 1Santhoshg92@gmail. 1. 3A. Also the motor produces back emf (voltage) and voltage surges which can also damage the microcontroller. The ADC of PIC is used for converting analog voltages into digital. The PIC MCU should start capturing the voltage at the ADC channel after about 1. Current through 20K = V/20K. Therefore using external circuitry and voltage measurement property of controller, it can be used to measure resistance. In this video you will learn how to measure ac voltage using pic microcontroller, how to detect peak of ac wave using microcontroller and adc for more information watch this video: How to Measure AC Current Using Hall Effect Sensor With Arduino or Other Common Microcontrollers: Please see a new simpler approach hereObjective: This Instructable shows how making an interface box that, when spliced into an extension cord, allows common microcontrollers like Arduino to measure AC current as a DC voltage signal proportional t voltage of solar panel using voltage divider.

Using these resistors, you can measure voltages up to 24V. org The flow chart of the current and temperature measurement system is shown in figure 3. DHANVIJAY Department of Production Engineering and Industrial Management College of Engineering, Pune- 411 005. A digital implementation of the glucose meter can be achieved using a Microchip 8bit PIC16LF178x device. PES’s Modern College of Engg. 5 V. draw a schematic get free image about wiring diagram May 13, 2016 Arduino Tutorials ac, acs712, ammeter, arduino, code, current, measurement, meter Manoj R. Microcontrollers also allow the easy incorporation of added features, such as rms voltage and current and I needed to measure the voltage using a microcontroller that had an input range of 0 to 5 volts, and needed to measure voltages from -375 V to 375 V (or 265 V RMS). The PIC microcontroller can be used for measuring AC current with the help of difference amplifier, shunt resistor, and analog to digital converter. KyawSoe Lwin, Hla Myo Tun Abstract: This thesis describes the design and construction of digital multi-meter cuit and a measurement of the solar cell is done using a micro-controller of PIC16F8 family. With the microcontroller driving it, we're only able to choose the V GS =5V curve, leading to a maximum current of about 0. So voltage drop must be minimal.

2 V down to 3. iii. AC Voltage measurement using PIC16F877A microcontroller code and proteus simulation. It means that if we sample fast enough and long enough, we sure to find the peak in one direction and the peak in another direction as the ACS712 have 5 μs output rise time in response to A microcontroller has a very low output current. For this example, the ADC will accept a maximum input voltage of 3. For three phase, PG or S= √ 3VI x 10-3 KVA. Now you should understand the concepts of voltage, current, resistance, and how the three are related. Haripriya, H. o After we get the output that we need, all the stages of battery charger and In this project, you will get an idea how to measure solar energy using different sensors and pic microcontroller. This project may not enable you to build a high end measurement tool but will be a good diy project which gives a better understanding on A/D I too am trying to measure current with a PIC (18f2520) using a 0. This has been achieved by taking the ADC values from voltage and current signals at the instants of peak voltage V m and 0 voltage, i. at the instant when the voltage How to Simplify the Interface between Microcontroller and Temperature Sensor Abstract: Temperature is an analog quantity, but digital systems often use temperature to implement measurement, control, and protection functions.

This post would provide a working example of how to make a simple Current Meter (DCM) using 16bit PIC microcontroller and a series shunt resistance. As the name suggests, this Digital ammeter project measures the current from 1 to 10 Amperes and is a PIC Microcontroller 16F877A based ammeter that uses seven segment display along with it. Whilst most people considered the CP1600 a good CPU, it had poor I/O performance, and the 8-bit PIC was developed in 1975 to improve performance of the overall system by offloading I/O tasks from the CPU. Because of its low range, this voltage signal may not be accurately measured with a microcontroller’s ADC module. 3 overlapped voltage waveforms are showing the real version of 3 phase voltage through oscilloscope. Voltage and current are two most important parameters of electricity. But all these tutorials are about measurement of low DC voltage . Pin no. e. I increase the input voltage and the current output also increases. 00 Hz, with a resolution of 0. The observed accuracy was better than 97% The PIC based protection method has excluded most of the mechanical components.

ll of these can be A BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR SPEED CONTROL USING MICROCONTROLLER 1G. Mamatha C G, Asst Professor Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering GSSS Institute of Engineering and Technology for women Mysore, India The ease of control and excellent performance of the DC motors will ensure that the number of applications using them will continue grow in future. PIC 16F877 is one of the most advanced microcontroller from Microchip. 84V. Current can be measured in the range ofmilliamperes (400mA max. mails from PIC Microcontroller microcontroller is connected to pin no. 47 ohm resistor = V AC voltage measurement using pic microcontroller and op-amp. Otherwise, it varies in between 0 to 2. I found thousands of people searching for this topic on net, that’s why I have written this topic on alternating current measurement using pic microcontroller. - The over current value is set in the PIC and when faults (over current) The SI unit of electric current is the ampere (A), which is equal to a flow of one coulomb of charge per second. Trip circuit breaker using PIC microcontroller. The light intensity is monitored using an LDR sensor, the voltage by voltage divider principle, the current by current sensor and the temperature by tempera-ture sensor.

AC Current Measurement Using Atmel AVR Microcontroller. The transformer steps up or steps down the input line voltage. . 5: Image showing connection of probes in Multimeter for measuring current. Adding this small circuit to a system using a PIC processor provides isolation of the low-voltage loads from the 5-V programmer voltage, yet has minimal impact on the normal operation of the In this project, we'll build a weighing scale using a C8051 microcontroller development kit, a load cell, and the Simplicity Studio IDE. 3. You can use any PIC microcontroller that has an ADC and enough memory to hold the program. While there are several methods of measuring current, the most common method is to perform an indirect measurement by measuring the voltage across a precision resistor and using Ohm’s law to measure the current across the resistor. Volt Ampere Meter measures voltage of 0-70V or 0-500V with 100mV resolution and current consumption 0-10A or more with 10mA resolution. For the first example, suppose you need to monitor a DC bus voltage using a microcontroller’s ADC input. The main purpose of this solar energy measurement system project is to design a solar energy measurement system for determining the solar cell parameters like current, voltage, temperature and also light intensity through multiple sensors. Now comeback to the zero crossing method, you can see that we set the reference value of zero volts at non - inverting pin (+) of both amplifiers.

Also take care about current as these control device can withstand current in few milliamp. The measured weight will be displayed on an LCD screen. The PCB Board uses large tracks and can easily be made using the “press-n-peel” method and a hobby drill. european university of lefke faculty of engineering dc voltage measurement using the pic microcontroller and pwm by dursun emre kalpak a dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of bachelor of science in electrical and electronic engineering august 2015 supervisor: assist. Voltage range for this microcontroller is 0-5 V. This paper describes a very simple and compact design of Digital Line Frequency Meter using PIC microcontroller. professor, Mrs. In this artcile I will discuss how to measure alternating current using current transformer and pic microcontroller. measured phase angle between voltage and current for polymer insulators. Therefore to save AD736 that takes analog voltage and current signal and produces RMS output signal at pin no. The LED is pulsed after every ADC acquisition to indicate that the processor is alive - so you can tell if the software is active. The meter uses PIC16F876A microcontroller with 16x2 backlighted LCD.

This circuit, based on a PIC microcontroller with a few added components, converts a sensor-based voltage into a 4- to 20-mA current loop. Microcontroller based speed control of three phase induction motor using v/f method Mrs. You have came across many online tutorials on various websites about voltage measurement using different microcontrollers. voltage programmable regulator, voltage The difference between the PIC and the PC is that the PIC digital pin can be configured as an input or as an output on the fly (so you can discharge the capacitor by setting the pin as an output and at logic low) and then set it as an input and by using the standard PIC input voltage levels (2V - logic high) as the Introduction This is a Frequency counter with PIC Microcontroller. To characterize a particular LED, we can apply a voltage (for example, using a DC power supply), and note the current through the LED (using an ammeter, or perhaps the ammeter built in to our power supply). Ashwini K R, Asst. In the designed circuit, the power factor is measured using PIC16F877. The name PIC stands for "Peripheral Interface Controller". For example, LEDs are frequently used in the design of automobile tail lights, signal lights, traffic signals, and variable message signs. educational purposes, 3 different types of inductors were used and measured using the finalized system. Two of the more common quantities are voltage and current. A 10 kΩ resistor in series with a 33 kΩ will do fine.

I want to digitally measure the power factor of the fan, under all possible circumstances (voltage fluctuations, source dampings, etc. ). Driving LEDs with a PIC Microcontroller The voltage measurement is carried out by the A/D module of the Temperature measurement Even when the current remains For example the voltage across this circuit is 6. This means a dc current can be indirectly measured by a microcontroller’s ADC channel by first converting the current into voltage. RTDs are resistive devices and a current must pass through the device so that the voltage across the device can be measured. For the purpose of this write up, a 100 uH inductor was used as L1 in Figure 1. Self-heat can be minimized by using the smallest possible excitation current. , the accuracy in measurement is met by the use of load cell involving Arduino Uno microcontroller. LCD is used to display the fan speed and room temperature. QUOTE 3 The flow of electrons can be measured with the help of the current-to-voltage conversion using the internal op amp of the PIC device and the filtering of high-frequency signals. Shown is the circuit as originally drawn on a whiteboard. This is much easier than using an A/D.

And the ADC, microcontroller, and LCD need to have to same ground unless a complicated isolation scheme, probably optical, is employed. Advanced semiconductor technology & use of The original PIC was intended to be used with General Instrument's new CP1600 16-bit central processing unit (CPU). Also take a look at how I make a call to the ‘ getVPP ‘ function from the main loop. Here is a Digital Ampere meter Using PIC Microcontroller 16F877A and Seven Segments Display (0 to 10 A). Input Voltage = Current through 20K * 120K (Current flowing to PIC can be neglected) Thus, V = (V/20)*120; Voltage across 0. Parameter like voltage, current, frequency and angle are stored in the registers of the microcontroller and among them voltage and current are compared with the threshold values fixed, the threshold value for example could be taken as the rated values of the transformer; and dangers due to the overload and high voltage are sensed. “Digital Ammeter” is actually designed for dc current measure. This page is about: Variable Output Voltage Regulator Circuit Dynamically Programs or Controls Output Voltage of Linear or Switching Regulators – Control the variable output voltage of linear or switching power supplies and voltage regulators with a control voltage or PWM waveform using op-amp feedback. Pune Abstract- Induction motors are widely used AC motors in industrial area. PIC 16F877A microcontroller is used for generation of PWM signal This page is about: Measuring Temperature, Understanding Advantages, Limitations and Specifications of Different Temperature Sensors – Measuring RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples and IC temperature sensors by interfacing to microcontroller A/Ds ATD. It is available up to 38MHz at Normal HF mode. These devices are very important as they give you an understanding of what is happening in an electrical or electronic circuit.

The microcontroller , is the heart of the PIC16F877A system. 3 Circuit diagram of an AC to DC converter using microcontroller 17 Figure 4. AC Voltage Measurement Using Atmel AVR Microcontroller. AC Current Measurement Using Difference Amplifier and Microcontroller: In this project I have explained how to measure AC current using difference amplifier and pic microcontroller. In the project “digital ammeter circuit diagram using micro-controller”, you will get to know how we can measure dc-current using pic micro-controller? how to convert current into voltage from using the shunt-resistor? how to design low resistance shunt-resistor using simple wire? In analog voltmeter a pointer moves on the scale to represent the voltage. This project can measure both AC and DC current with a range of 0-30A with an accuracy of 0. The PIC microcontroller (PIC16F877A) is one of the most Now, suppose that the range of current to be measured using this coil resistance is from 0-5A. PIC 16F877A microcontroller is the heart of this Automatic Power Factor Controller, it find, displays and controls the Power Factor. Solar power parameter calculator is the device to calculate the intensity, temperature, voltage, current and represent them on Design And Construction Of Digital Multi-Meter Using PIC Microcontroller Khawn Nue, Dr. The output at the PIC pins was about 2 volts peak on a 115 volt wire, and clipped by the internal diodes for higher voltages. ' Power factor measurement using PIC18f4520 – I have a 10” square fan, with 0. I want to measure current as small as 10 mA (from a small solar panel), which would give a voltage of (0.

Like I said you can't apply the battery's voltage directly: it's too high. The power is single/three phase system cannot be measured without measuring the phase angle between voltage and current using a microcontroller, a boon of very large scale integrated technology. Now, AC power measurement can be defined as the measurement of voltage, measurement of current, and measurement of power factor. In this project, you will learn how to measure high AC voltage using PIC16f877A micrcontroller. So if the reading is 0 then input is 0v, if reading is 1023 then input is 5v. 2 Output for a load of 1K-ohms and duty cycle 60% 20 current waveform at the output of an inverter circuit. R. Components should be readily available anywhere in the world. AC voltage measurement using pic microcontroller , In this video lecture you will learn about ac voltmeter design circuit using current transformer and difference amplifier, How to use ADC for By using values V and I we can calculate the Input Voltage and Current across the Load (Connected across Output terminals). Voltage Measurement with A PIC Microcontroller Ryan Popa 03/30/2012 Design Team 3 Abstract The purpose of this application note is to explain how to measure a voltage using a PIC18F4520 microcontroller. Amplifier section, PIC microcontroller and power supply unit. SanthoshKumar, S.

A PROJECT STAGE-I REPORT ON “ POWER MEASUREMENT (3 PHASE/1PHASE) USING MICROCONTROLLER BASED SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENT POWER MANAGEMENT” BY PRASAD JAYENDRA KHARATE M. Solar Energy Measurement System. For current measurement. If you want to measure AC signals with the help of Microcontroller There are 2 ways : 1. These methods are: • Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) • Charge Time Measurement Unit • Relaxation Oscillator-Based Technique • Capacitive Sensing Module . 5s of placing the solution sample. I have gone through various blogs on internet about interfacing acs712 current sensor with arduino and other microcontrollers. 2) Measuring voltage across Rsense by ADC of microcontroller. The monitor plugs into an ordinary mains outlet and records (time stamps) the voltage amplitude and the frequency at defined time interval. V. Silicon Labs The purpose of mains monitor project is to record mains fluctuations with an autonomous device and upload measurement to a PC for analysis. VI.

5 to 5 V. It transmits data through an USB interface. indicates zero value of current and voltage sensors, while 5V and 0V indicates the maximum and minimum values of the related sensors. 00 Hz to 90. AC Current Measurement using PIC Microcontroller AC Current Measurement using PIC Microcontroller. Though there are numerous methods to measure the fuel level including those like mechanical float, optical sensors, ultrasonic etc. Driving LEDs with a PIC Microcontroller Application Note Introduction Nowadays, applications increasingly make use of LEDs as a replacement for traditional light bulbs. PIC belongs to a family of modified Harvard architecture. 1 ohm resistor is used in parallel as a bypass and the current is measured by the voltage drop along the 1 ohm resistor using Ohm's Current can be measured by measuring the voltage across a resistor. We are going to print that voltage on serial monitor of Arduino IDE as well as show on the multimeter. In that function, I take interupted AC samples for one second while recording the maximum and minimum values. The step down alternating current input signal converted to a The flow of electrons can be measured with the help of the current-to-voltage conversion using the internal op amp of the PIC MCU and the filtering of highfrequency signals.

2. ii. We can repeat this for many different voltages, and plot these points to produce the LED's `V-I characteristics. Voltage sensor is used to measure a voltage of solar panel. . A single phase microcontroller based energy meter. 9S12 There are several methods for readout of sensor capacitance using microcontroller. This is good and bad: the advantage is that you can easily choose a resistor that'll give you the voltage scaling you require, the advantage is that you need to account for the input impedance of the circuit connected to it unless it's really high. This voltage in turn is read by a microcontroller system through an A/D converter to calculate its peak value and the corresponding RMS value of the load current. ijstr. Since the controller shouldn't be expensive, I don't want dedicated current sensors. To convert this large, alternating voltage range to something compatible with the micro, I’ve seen several approaches on the web.

Usually in PIC microcontrollers, the reference voltage for A/D conversion can be selected as the supply voltage itself or provided externally through one or more I/O pins. But the new enhanced mid-range family of 8-bit PIC microcontrollers have a built-in module that generates a stable reference voltage internally. College Of Engineering, Bangalore, Indias1,2 Abstract— the purpose of this project is to develop a 3-phase Energy Meter, using dsPIC33F microcontroller and MCp3909 Usually the microcontroller with current measurement circuits, opamp, and the shunt resistance measurement and current information is made via this application, ACS712 (Hall Effect-Based Linear Current Sensor) voltage sensor used, there is no similar sensors the sensor were probably there aren't but a good example for the use of micro The ACS712 Arduino AC Current Tutorial Sketch. Problem is, the only thing available to use for a ground is going to be the high voltage neutral instead of an earth ground. In Figure 3, we can see the resonant frequency of the LC input voltage. 1. Multimeter has different procedure for measuring current. This note will start by explaining how to correctly power and wire the microcontroller for sensing voltage. You may like to check these project. 3 Phase Voltage Measurement Using Microcontroller. You may also connect the voltage divider midpoint to another PIC ADC input, use a series resistor the same size. To correct power factor, first we need to find the current power factor.

Microcontroller is an intelligent controller which can be programmed to perform different tasks. Generated power (PG), apparent power, is measured by multiplying the voltage and current values from each sensing circuit according to the following equation. During normal operation, the bus voltage is fixed at 24 VDC. The basics of Peripheral Interface Controller have already been explained in recent posts. Thakur The ACS712 measures current in two directions. Digital Voltmeter Using PIC Microcontroller 16F877A and Seven Segments Display (0-30V) Jaseem vp / April 15, 2015 We are all aware of about voltmeters (voltage meter), which is nothing but a device used to measure voltage between given two terminals. Microcontrollers with specialty hardware may require their own non-standard dialects of C, such as SDCC for the 8051, which prevent using standard tools (such as code libraries or static analysis tools) even for code unrelated to hardware features. AC voltage measurement problem using PIC16f88 Hi one and all, I am working on a project to measure AC mains voltage using PIC16f88 I am trying to measure peak and RMS and display on LCD. DeepaliS. VF kT q----- -1 IF IS ⎝⎠– -----= ln⎛⎞ PIC ® microcontroller A/D Converter CTMU ANx Current Source MUX A/D VF VF IF CTMU ADC Equivalent Circuit Simplified Block Diagram Using the PIC® MCU CTMU for Temperature Measurement The desired measured current generates a magnetic field which the sensor converts to a proportional output voltage, using the Hall effect. pdf Free Download Here Voltage Measurement with A PIC Microcontroller measurement of voltage and current AC Voltage Measurement using Arduino May 13, 2016 Arduino Tutorials ac , ac voltage , ac voltmeter , arduino , code , high , voltage , voltmeter Manoj R. The meter is a perfect addition to any power supply, battery chargers and other electronic projects where voltage and current must be monitored.

This line frequency meter having frequency measurement range from 10. After reading the ADC tutorial given above you will note the the PIC MCU’s ADC gives us the value between 0-1023 for input voltage of 0 to 5v provided it is configured exactly as in the above tutorial. In this project we are going to make our own Digital Ammeter using PIC16F877A Microcontroller and current sensor ACS712-5A. These resistors also help us bringing the voltage range to 0V – 5V, which is the range Arduino works on. Variable output voltage can be obtained keeping and Simulation is carried out using SIMULINK/MATLAB. M occurring in operation have been attained with the help of a microcontroller. PIC In this project, various parameters of the solar panel like current, voltage, temperature or light intensity are monitored using a PIC microcontroller of the family PIC16F8. Current sensor is used to measure current flowing to load from solar panel. Three phase voltage measurement has many applications in power as well as electronics field. edu ABSTRACT The hardware project is designed to control the speed of a BLDC motor using closed The power is single/three phase system cannot be measured without measuring the phase angle between voltage and current using a microcontroller, a boon of very large scale integrated technology. Current microcontroller technology allows designers to build meters that are competitive in price with traditional devices, while maintaining the required IEC 1036 Class 1 accuracy of ±1% for domestic applications. Copy, Paste and Upload the code below.

The current and voltage single are acquired from the main AC line by using Current Transformer and Potential Transformer. Upto now I plan to go for option 2. ) as shown in the above image. To practice DSP algorithm on MSP430 microcontroller, i am working on a project "Mains Monitor" which is basically a spectrum analyser which will monitor AC mains voltage using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and show spectrum frequency domain on a graphical LCD , the spectrum can be used to view if any harmonics present in the mains voltage which will ultimately determines the quality of the supply. Could anyone suggest sensor modules for AC current, voltage, power factor and frequency, to be directly interfaced with Microcontroller? Data acquisition from a distribution transformer. The simplest way of doing this is to place a resistance in series with the current path and measure the voltage drop across it. The paper [5] has developed a simple algorithm for 16 bit microcontroller, its performance simulation and Measuring the voltage and current will always be helpful while making or debugging any electrical system. I. The current and voltage signals of the load are measured at the PIC lcd volt meter Hardware. Contact Details and Archive Microchip Technology 1. This control voltage (feedback signal) is directly proportional to the rotational speed of the motor. I hope this topic help you in your works and projects.

Shirke, Prof. 4 Voltage divider circuit maximum measurable voltage and current, since it is Design and Development of PIC Microcontroller Based 3 Phase Energy Meter Thousif ahamed1, A. Share this:Voltage and current are two most important parameters of electricity. I am using a power supply(30 volt, 10 Amperes) for supplying current to a dummy load. I was wondered why no one is talking about using micro-controller for current sensing. Power Supply Unit . rectified through fuel level measurement using a load cell. This controller is widely used for experimental and modern applications because of its Figure 3. Digital voltmeter directly displays the voltage in digits with the help of analog to digital converter. 2 Output for a load of 1K-ohms and duty cycle 90% 20 Figure 4. The filtered signal is then fed to the 12-bit ADC module. The light intensity is monitored using an LDR sensor; similarly, the current by the current sensor; the voltage by the voltage divider principle and the temperature by the Measurement, Monitoring of DC Voltage and frequency of a Trivector meter by using PIC-Microcontroller Ms.

01 Hz and accuracy ± 1%. This project teaches you to build a simple volt-amp meter using avr microcontroller. A volt-ammeter is perfect as an addition to any electronic projects like battery chargers or power supplies where it is a necessity to monitor current and voltage consumption. In this mode, the op-amp will output whatever voltage is necessary to maintain current through the signaling circuit at the proper value. Mrs. The main component of the power supply unit is transformer, which isolate the power supply unit from the power line. A HD44780 based character LCD is used to display the measured voltage. The book provides design principles and application case studies backed up with sufficient control theory and electronics to develop your own systems. The probe I used were about 5 feet long. The voltage divider divides the voltages into half so that it comes in the range of (0-5 volts) which can be read by PIC. Voltage signals are relatively easy to produce directly from transducer devices, whereas accurate current signals are not. Use a resistor divider to scale the 4.

temperature sensor Mikro C proteus AC voltage measurement using PIC microcontroller and op-amp, Ac voltage measurement using ADC and operational amplifier and microcontroller. This current can cause the RTD to self-heat and consequently, it can introduce errors into the measurement. (Mechatronics) [MIS NO. This paper focuses to design the simple circuit and low-cost. Using separate wires for excitation current and voltage measurement eliminates much of the common-mode noise and errors introduced from the DUT wiring and connections. The practical issues can be different based on how much voltage and current you plan to measure. Then the load current will display on the LCD. Power measurement is easily and simply done by using microcontroller and LCD after achieving the voltage and current sensing. AC Alternating current measurement using pic16f877a microcontroller. It is very important task in pic microcontroller projects. Interface with PIC Electrical measurement devices are used to digitally calculate electrical quantities. Ammeter is designed to work with a small fraction of volt.

Introduction This project describes how to make a digital voltmeter using a PIC microcontroller. voltage and Current A series resistor, something between 200 and 1000 Ohm between current transformer output and PIC 16 ADC input pin may well be used. M. Voltage across 20K resistor = V. 2 phases are 120 degrees apart to each other and 3rd phase is 240 degree apart to first phase. Each of them has certain benefits and is used depending on microcontroller capabilities. Skip to navigation Skip to content. point in the proposed technique is to generate three values using ADC contained in the microcontroller; these values are proportional to V m, I m cosø and I m sinø. The microcontroller is programmed using embedded c compiler and in specific mikroC pro to Light Intensity Measurement using LDR and ATmega8 Microcontroller meter circuit using PIC microcontroller and current sensor. I think the PIC will have a hard time distinguishing between 1 mV and noise. alternating current measurement using pic microcontroller. com,2saexee@tce.

It accepts inputs from the temperature sensor, LM35 which allows for the measurement of the current room then the controller will give the action to maintain the required fan speed. How to Measure Current using Multimeter: Fig. Kulkarni Electrical Dept. Using the ADC of PIC Microcontrollers. So I have 2 alternatives: 1) Measuring voltage across Rsense using Op-amp. implemented in the lab to provide measurement up 10 A load current from a 127 V line voltage. 4 of microcontroller is connected to voltage sensing circuit, Pin no. To measure the phase, time the difference in rising edges. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH VOLUME 4, ISSUE 07, JULY 2015 ISSN 2277-8616 111 IJSTR©2015 www. Now, coming to the current measurement, Arduino or any Microcontroller for The Design of a Voltmeter-Ammeter Using PIC Microcontroller In electrical or electronic engineering, the voltmeter and ammeter are important devices and are used to measure current and voltage. 4GHz with Fujitsu's MB-506 external prescaler. All these data are displayed on a 16X2 LCD inter-faced to the PIC microcontroller.

Microcontroller vendors often make tools freely available to make it easier to adopt their hardware. If the current drawn by the reference is a problem I would switch its power from an output pin: no power drawn unless we want to do the measurement (which will be a very short period). 75 amps How to Glow an LED using PWM with PIC Microcontroller- (Part 20/25) for fixed voltage, limits the current through it. Burden resistor between the two terminals of the current transformer as always. on microcontroller based phase angle measurement and correcting phase angle using voltage controlled capacitor. Duttagupta, and Vivek Agarwal, Senior Member, IEEE “A Novel Approach for Maximum Power Hello guys ! i would like to know a method that can measure DC voltage (0-20V for example ) pic can measure a voltage 0-5v , voltage divider can be Very high current of the current transformer and with microcontroller sensitive way measured to be recorded will be useful for source code with 2 sample application circuits one of the Atmel AVR ATMEGA48 88/168-P…Electronics Projects, Current Measurement Data Logger Circuit Atmel AVR, PIC “avr project, microcontroller projects, “ The differential configuration of the op amp works as a four-wire measuring circuit similar to those used in many DMMs. At this point, the microcontroller is Two examples help illustrate how you can design a signal-conditioning circuit. On the other hand motor draws much higher current therefore connecting directly will not run the motor and destroying the microcontroller due to high currents. Sreedevi2 Department Electrical and Electronics Engineering, R. From this I will calculate the peak to peak voltage measured. Usually PIC ADC can measure up to rail voltage (when using VDD as reference), so you will have to make sure that the voltage to be measured is always between 0 - VDD volts. Shunt resistors are used as transducers for converting current into voltage as microcontroller Each and Every Microcontroller has ADC that is Designed to process DC signals.

Measurement and Simulation of Power Factor using PIC16F877 Abstract: The aim of the study is to develop a prototype of power factor measurement circuit. Op-amps can be used to “convert” a voltage signal into a current signal quite easily. By SVC using pic microcontroller dc voltage measurement usİng the with pic microcontroller 1. MEASUREMENT CIRCUIT Author: Padmaraja Yedamale Microchip Technology Inc. The divider will draw a constant current of 100 µA, which isn't much, but you don't want this 24/7. 1 Ohm * 0. Thakur AC voltage measurement can be carried out by converting AC voltage into proportional DC Voltage using rectifier and filter circuits. REFERENCES 1] Pooja Sharma, Siddhartha P. For measuremnt of ac current you have to meausre peak value of sine wave you can find for more information visit this link Category To measure any electrical quantity through microcontroller you just need to convert it into its range. Microcontroller Based Substation Monitoring and Control System with Gsm Modem Amit Sachan Department of Energy & Power Engineering NIMS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan Abstract : The purpose of this project is to acquire the remote electrical parameters like Voltage, Current and The circuit uses a single PIC Microchip to perform the Voltage, Current and Temperature conversions and display functions. Acs712 can measure current precisely and accurately if properly managed. These values are utilised from the second step in order to process the digital data by the microcontroller.

This project may not enable you to build a high end measurement tool but will be a good diy project which gives a better understanding on A/D converter in microcontrollers. ) to Ampere (10A max. Two capacitors are connect parallel to voltage measurement resistor to avoid voltage fluctuation and avoid harmonics to go into ADC of PIC microcontroller. 1 block of PFC using PIC principal element in the circuit is PIC microcontroller. It is also available up to 2. There's an inbuilt 25k resistor connected to the Rout pin if you don't want to add your own resistor. This paper is mainly concerned on DC motor speed control system by using microcontroller PIC 16F877A. Remember me in your prayers in return. It can measure voltage directly however it cannot measure other quantities directly. voltage and current measurement using pic microcontroller

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